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You decide for every postings on which dates it will be on air. You are in total control of the schedule!


Create as many postings as you want upfront. Flash Builder uses one random posting each day on an infinte loop.

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You plan all your communication in an editorial plan? You can upload it and Flashtalk does the rest for you.

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    “I had no experience with Amazon Alexa before using Flashtalk. Listening to my content on my own device took me only a couple of minutes! Fabian and Alex were also super helpful along the way, answering all my questions immediately.”
    Rainer Rösing
    CEO and Founder — Woof & Wiggle
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    "I created my first Alexa Skill with Flashtalk and found it super intuitive and easy to use. From the registration at Amazon to the release of the skill everything went smoothly. When I needed help, the Flashtalk team was always there."
    Lea-Sophie Borgmann
    Scientist & Activist — Gleichgestellt

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Why should I use Amazon Alexa for my business?

Audience Growth

Over 100 million people already use Amazon Alexa devices at home and in their car.

Global Reach

You can talk to people beyond your own country - literally within their living room.

First Mover Advantage

Voice Assistants are relatively new. You can set a mark by demonstrating digital leadership.

Foster Relationships

Your content is literally in the home of your customers. Great to foster your relationships.

Still not convinced? Need some numbers? Sure!
The BBC served close to over 20 million briefings in 2018.

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