Meet The Makers

Two innovative and like-minded folks changing the way of audio content distribution

"We need this. Let's build it!"

We are two voice enthusiasts with a special interest in all things audio. We run some Flash Briefings on our own & always hated the difficulties of creating and managing Flash Briefings and other audio formats. We needed an easy-to-use solution for ourselves - so we started building one. Today we are very delighted to help creators from around the world to create stunning content and build growing audiences in new audio channels like Amazon Alexa.

Our promise

"We will build an easy-to-use, cutting-edge tool to create, manage and distribute audio content on the relevant plattforms. Thus we help brands, entrepreneurs and content creators to grow their audience.
We want our users to spend less time on maintaining and more time on creating great content!"
Fabian & Alex


Fabian Hallstein

Co-Founder & (Voice) UX Designer

With over 10 years experience in UX, design and strategy for websites and mobile apps, Fabian has seen every development in this industry before. When it comes to Voice Design he likes how it changes the way people interact with technology. You can almost see the future evolving on a daily basis.


Alexander Kamphorst

Co-Founder & VUI Designer

Alex is a Voice User Interace Designer. For 2 years now he consults companies and creates delightful voice experiences. Before he was a digital strategist and worked for clients like Red Bull, Mercedes-Benz or Pfizer.

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