Smart assistants like Alexa are omnipresent. Whether smart speakers, furniture, desks, kitchen appliances or televisions – everywhere you go you’ll find an alternative with an integrated voice assistant.
This is also a new way to listen to the news of the day. What radio used to do, Flash Briefing does today. A Flash Briefing is a kind of personalized radio stream where you can subscribe to different news sources: From news of the day, to sports reports, to news from companies or reports from influencers. The range of offers is wide and so everyone can put together their own personal news stream.

These flash briefings will become even more relevant in 2019, here are 6 reasons why:

1. The spread of the devices continues to rise steeply

There are now over 1 billion devices that have integrated a Voice Assistant. Over 50% of the US population uses a language assistant at least once a month, reports Voicebot.


2. About 20% of all Alexa users listen to their Flash Briefings daily

That means that you have the undivided attention of your audience each and every day. Hardly any other media channel can do that for you.


3. This includes becoming part of a daily routine that takes place mainly in the mornings and evenings.

Becoming part of a habit is a huge thing for every publisher. It seems that Flash Briefings make it easy to integrate into the daily life of your listeners.

“The majority of usage is in the mornings, where new habits are emerging, and last thing at night.”


4. Usage will continue to increase as Alexa gets into the car

Commuting is the perfect time for audio content. With the new Echo Auto, we will see an increase in Flash Briefing usage, especially on workdays while travelling to the office. Business-related content will be on the rise!

5. Language assistants like Alexa have a good spread in all age groups

Although the 35 to 44-year-olds are the most active group, all other age groups are also well represented. There are plenty of opportunities to place niche content for young and older target groups and thus attract very loyal listeners.


6. The quality of content is often criticized – good and relevant content is key

An interesting finding of a study from the Reuters Institute study is that the quality of content is often criticized. This means that there are still good opportunities to reach your target group with relevant and exciting content. Creative approaches to storytelling also stand a good chance of winning large audiences.


One of the current problems with voice, however, also applies to Flash Briefings: it is difficult to find skills – so you have to use all ways to make potential listeners aware of you (see also: 6 tips for more visibility of your Flash Briefings). But once you’ve won a listener, they usually stay loyal users of the content for a very long time. Once a Flash Briefing has been activated and found to be good, it is rarely deactivated.

Daily Flash Briefings are therefore a very good way to build up a loyal and growing audience for your own content. No other channel currently offers so much potential and so little competition!