Alexa Skill SEO

You might know that Alexa Skills are one of the best ways to engage and convert your audience. But how do you grow your Alexa Skill audience?

If you’re looking for practical Alexa Skill SEO tips and strategies, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’ll walk you through how to use search engine optimization to grow your business.

Ready to dive right in? Let’s go.

What is Alexa Skill SEO?

Let’s start from the beginning. Alexa Skills are like apps that people use on their Amazon Alexa devices to do different things. For example, they can use Skills to listen to the news and other content. 

Alexa Skill Store

Alexa Skill store

By using Alexa Skills in your marketing, you can engage your audience in a powerful way. This is especially true for Alexa Flash Briefings, an Alexa Skill that lets you share daily content (sort of like mini-podcast episodes).

But to use Alexa Skills in your marketing, you need to get your Skills in front of people. That way, you grow your audience and get more sales. 

And how do you do that? With simple SEO strategies. 

After all, search engine optimization or SEO is all about making your content searchable on search engines. In this case, you want your Skills to get more visibility on Amazon by getting Amazon to rank them higher in its search results. Plus, by using search engine best practices, you can get your Skill to rank high in Google so that you drive even more people to your Skill page. 

Alexa Skill search

When your Skills start to rank, people who are searching for relevant keywords find them and eventually, subscribe to them.

How to rank your Skill higher in the Alexa Skill Store

Wondering what it takes to rank your Skills higher in the Alexa Skill Store? Good question. That’s what we’ll look at next.

1. How to find the right keywords

Keywords are one of the main elements of successful search engine optimization. They are essentially the words your audience searches for when they search for your topic.

But how do you find and use the right keywords? 

Find keywords

This is actually no biggie: People will probably use the same search terms they use more generally on Amazon or Google.

Go to Amazon and type in a keyword. What keywords suggestions do you get? Those are keywords you can use for your Skills.

Amazon Alexa keywordsIf you want to broaden your search, go to Google Keyword Planner and search for relevant keywords that people are already using on Google.

Google keyword plannerTo get even more ideas, go to Answer the Public and search for your topic.

Answer the public

Save all the keywords that you find in an Excel sheet so that you can use them whenever you publish a new Skill. 

How to choose a keyword

When you choose a keyword, ask yourself if it’s a keyword your customers are searching for. For example, people who are interested in money advice will search for things like “manage your money” or even “best money tips.” 

If they are buyers, they probably won’t search for keywords like “free money advice.” Chances are that these searchers don’t want to pay for your services. Focus on those keywords that have a higher chance of attracting high-end buyers to your business.

How to use keywords

Fortunately, now is a prime time to be using Alexa Skill SEO. The thing is:

Right now, optimizing your Skill for searches in the Alexa Skill Store is still relatively easy because Skill marketing hasn’t yet caught on in a major way. There are tons of keywords that haven’t been used in the Alexa Store. 

You can go to Amazon and fiddle around by inserting all kinds of keywords that you can think of. Those keywords that don’t generate any search results are prime keywords for your search engine optimization. 

However, you’re a bit restricted by the number of keywords you can use on Amazon. The Alexa Skill Store allows you to use up to 30 keywords. 

So what to do if your search term consists of two or more words? Unfortunately, each word will count as a single keyword.

To maximize the number of keywords, you can combine words by adding a point in between. This will make Alexa count these words as a single keyword. 

2. Write a catchy title 

Another important element for your SEO is your Skill title.

Why? Because it’s the first thing people see when they search for a keyword. It’s one of the main things that make them click on your Skill (or not). 

So, how do you create a good title? Your title should be three things:

  • Engaging.
  • Clear and easy to remember.
  • Include your target keyword.

For example, take a look at how the Thirty Second Money Tip Flash Briefing uses this. It includes a keyword in its title (“money tip”) and it’s clear. If you want money tips, you’ll likely click on this headline.

Alexa Skill 30 second money tip

3. Create an enticing description

Your description is another important factor for your SEO. Again, your audience will see it when they search for Skills. To make it searchable, you should include target keywords that you want to rank for.

But it also has a second function: To convince people to subscribe. That’s why your description needs to clearly show the benefits of your Skill so that you show people why they need to subscribe. 

If we look at the Thirty Second Money Tip, we see that the description includes keywords (for example, “money tip”, “best money advice” and “manage your money”). It shows why people should follow this Flash Briefing.

4. Set up a visible skill icon

Another way to get people to click on your Skill instead of other search results is to use a visible Skill icon. With an icon that stands out, you quickly get people’s attention. 

Again, the Thirty Second Money Tip Flash Briefing has a fun and visible icon that shows exactly what this Briefing is all about.

Alexa Skill icon

5. Get reviews for your Skill

What’s an important factor for ranking your Alexa Skills higher? Your Skill reviews.

You see, your audience can rate and review your Skill. If you have a good number of positive reviews, Amazon’s algorithms can tell that your audience likes your Skill. Will it show it to even more people? You bet!

To get reviews, keep optimizing your Skills based on your audience’s feedback. And ask them to post a quick review. 

Alexa Skill reviews

6. Get shares on social media

Social shares on different social media platforms tell Amazon that your Skill is popular. That’s why you’ll want to spread the word about your Skill on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

Share updates about your Skills and ask your audience to share it with their followers.

7. Get featured on the Alexa Newsletter

One of the best ways to get seen by new users? Get mentioned in the Amazon Alexa Email Newsletter. The number of users using your Skill can easily go up +50% to +100% when you get mentioned in the newsletter.

But how do you get mentioned? The newsletter is curated by the Amazon Alexa staff. From my experience, these are the factors you need to get right:

  • Good content.
  • Interesting topics.
  • A good looking logo, name, and description.
  • People are talking about your Skill.

If you follow this formula, there’s a good chance that you’ll get featured in the Newsletter. 

Will it help your SEO efforts? Yes! Remember: The more people are reviewing and talking about your Skill, the better. 

How to retain and convert searchers

Once people find your Skill, how do you retain them as listeners, get them to review and share your Skill and convert them into paying customers? 

If you look at Flash Briefings, these are Skills people listen to every day. You need to provide them with something special to keep them engaged. 

What it comes down to is this:

Deliver great content to get your listeners to trust you. At some point, they will start googling and researching you or clicking on the links in your Flash Briefing descriptions to take the next step.

How to engage and retain your audience

To engage and retain your audience, you need to create great Skills. Take a look at our guide on how to create great Flash Briefings here.

Your Flash Briefing content needs to be:

  • Short and to the point. People subscribe to your Briefings to get concise daily updates. 
  • Interesting to listen to. What does your audience want to hear about every day? 
  • Give value. By giving valuable information, you show your audience that you are an expert in your industry.

How to convert your audience

Finally, what’s the ultimate goal of your Alexa Skill SEO efforts?

That’s right: To convert new customers and grow your business. And that’s what your Skills, and in particular Flash Briefings, should do for you.

By delivering great content, you’re building trust and rapport with your audience. By continuing to talk about topics that show them why they need your products or services, you get them interested in what you have to offer.

But to truly build that trust, you can’t overpromote your business. You see, if you give your audience the chance to come to their own conclusions about why they need you, you’ve already sold them many times over by the time they get to your sales page.

Want to get started today?

That’s it! Now you know how to use Alexa Skill SEO to get more visibility and users on Alexa.

In the end, that’s what you need to build an audience of loyal and engaged fans for your business and brand.

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