Audio Marketing

Want to know how you can use audio marketing to get more customers? After all, audio marketing is one of the best ways to quickly engage and convert your audience. 

And today, you learn the best strategy you can use right away to grow your business.

Ready to dive right in? Let’s go. 


Chapter 1: The benefits of audio marketing

Chapter 2: Where to share your audio marketing content

Chapter 3: How to create the best audio marketing content

Chapter 4: How to quickly grow your audience

Chapter 5: How to automate your lead generation with audio marketing

Chapter 1: The benefits of audio marketing

First: Why should you use audio marketing to grow your business? After all, you want to use your marketing budget wisely and so the money you spend should have the biggest possible impact on your business. 

Audio marketing is such a powerful marketing strategy because of the following reasons:

  • The emotional connection you build with your audience. After all, if your audio marketing is done right, your audience will start to feel emotionally connected to your business and brand. 
  • A more engaged audience. People are listening to four hours of audio content every day. If your audio content was among that daily content consumption, you can be sure that it would translate into an audience of raving fans.
  • An increase in conversions. According to findings by IAB-Edison Research in 2016, 65% of podcast listeners are more inclined to purchase a product or a service if it’s promoted on a podcast versus another format. 

With audio, you can insert yourself into your customer’s story. Think about it: Most people listen to audio in familiar settings in their kitchen, cars, or while commuting to and from work. 

Plus, people listen to your content more actively than they would if they were coming across your posts while mindlessly scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Audio content is also easy to record and share consistently with the technology that is available today. And there are tons of different audio marketing channels you can use to repurpose your content. Some of them are more effective than others. That’s what we’ll look at next.

Chapter 2: Where to share your audio marketing content

What are the different audio marketing channels you can use to grow your business? They include:


Podcasts are a long-form audio content format. Usually, each podcast episode focuses on a specific theme or topic. Podcasts can be published directly on your website or through a podcasting app, like the iOS Podcast app, a streaming service like Spotify or a service like Soundcloud. 

Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills are voice capabilities used on Alexa voice devices. They can be anything from games to daily weather reports. 

One of the most effective Alexa Skills to use for your audio marketing? Simple: Alexa Flash Briefings, which are daily “mini podcasts.” Your audience plays them by asking their Alexa devices to play that day’s Flash Briefings. 

Flash Briefings let you engage with your audience every day. They’re short (most of them are shorter than 5 minutes) and the idea is that you share a specific insight every day. Here’s our guide on how to create your own Flash Briefings. 


Another way to publish your audio content is to share them as audiobooks. This requires you to share some longer content, like an ebook, in audio format. You can then make it available on an audiobook platform. For example, Amazon makes it easy to share self-published audiobooks.

Audio ads 

Audio advertisements are a growing form of audio marketing. Audio ads can be shared on streaming platforms like Spotify or podcasts. The best use of audio ads? To remind listeners of your brand. 

Audio integrations

Another way to build an audience is to use audio integrations. You basically turn a blog post or other content into audio content and share it so that people can choose if they want to read or listen to your content. 

Chapter 3: How to create the best audio marketing content

For audio marketing to work, you need the right content so that your audience keeps coming back for more. So how do you create engaging audio content? 

Popular content

What type of content should you use in your audio marketing?

There’s an easy way to figure out what content will work for your audience: Look at content that’s already doing well. With a tool like Buzzsumo, you can search for keywords and find out what the most popular articles on that topic are.

For example, if you search for a keyword like “real estate tips,” you’ll quickly see that articles on how to buy a house are content people tend to share. Now you can add that to your list of topics.

Buzzsumo content

The type of content you share

When sharing audio content on a podcast, you can dive deeper into a topic. For example, podcasts are often done as interviews. At the same time, you need to keep your audience’s interest during the entire episode. 

With Flash Briefings, you can (and should) go straight to the point. Your content should be concise and curiosity-evoking so that your audience feels excited about listening to your Briefings every day. 

Audio content length 

Your podcast episodes should ideally be 30-45 minutes long with an introduction, the content, and an end. On the other hand, your Flash Briefings are much shorter, 2-5 minutes.

Repurposing content

You can repurpose the content you’ve already created for your audience and reformat it for the different audio marketing channels you use. For example, you can use the same content you create for your blog and reuse that as your audio content. And you can break up a podcast episode into several Flash Briefings so that you reach your audience with both types of audio marketing.

Chapter 4: How to quickly grow your audience

Now you have your audio marketing in place. But how should you promote your audio content? 

While people will eventually find your audio content on platforms like podcasting apps and Alexa, you will first need to promote it to start growing your audience. That way, these platforms’ algorithms will understand just how valuable your content is and start promoting it to their users.

Here’s how to grow your audio marketing audience:

Get reviews

One of the most effective ways to start promoting your audio marketing content is to get reviews. Ask your listeners, friends, and family to review your podcast and Alexa Skill. With your reviews, the audio platforms you use will quickly pick up on just how valuable your audio content is.

Flash Briefing reviews

Use your email newsletter

Mention your audio content in your email newsletter. And not just once, but every once in a while. In fact, why not repurpose your audio content and use it to tease people to listen to the full episode by listening to your podcast and to get daily tips by subscribing to your Flash Briefings?

Post on your website

You can link to your audio content on your website. For example, repurpose your content on your blog and link to it or create a dedicated landing page that you promote to your audience.

Promote on social media

You can promote your audio content by sharing it on social media. Make the benefits clear — for example, share a review or tease with the outcome people will get by listening to your audio content.

Chapter 5: How to automate your lead generation with audio marketing

The BEST part about audio marketing?

That you can automate a large portion of it. This means: You’re generating leads without working on your audio marketing strategy every day. 

For example, your schedule might look something like this: You batch the content you want to create in one go every week or month. Then, you schedule it with a content management system. 

See how this saves you a good amount of time? Once your content marketing system is sharing content for you, you’ll pretty much be pulling in new leads as you sleep.

Now, what tools can you use to automate your audio marketing? 

Podcast automation

Podcasts are usually shared on a weekly or monthly basis. To make this a smoother process, you can use a scheduling tool. Your podcast audio marketing can easily be automated with a hosting tool. For example, Buzzsprout lets you schedule your podcast episodes for the future. 

Buzzsprout schedule podcast

Alexa Flash Briefing automation

Alexa Flash Briefings are supposed to be shared daily, but it can be time-consuming to keep posting every day. That’s why a content management system will work great for your Flash Briefing marketing strategy.

Flashtalk is our own content marketing system for Alexa Flash Briefings. With Flashtalk, you can either schedule your content or let the software share it randomly.

This way, your content is shared daily, without you having to go in and post it separately. In the near future, you’ll also be able to combine these two features so that you can schedule, say, seasonal content and randomize the rest of your content.  


Want to start using audio marketing to grow your business?

There you have it. Now you know why you should use audio marketing to engage and convert your customers. Audio is one of the most powerful marketing strategies because it’s easy for people to consume your content, you build an emotional connection with them, and you stay top-of-mind every day. 

If you want to get started building an audio marketing strategy that works on automation, start looking into content marketing systems for your content. 

At Flashtalk, we make this easy. Sign up for your free trial of our service and see your business take off.