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Want to know how to best promote your Alexa Skill?

After all, with Alexa marketing, you can quickly grow an engaged audience for your business. But you might know that one of the bigger problems with Alexa Skills is findability. So how do you attract and retain your Alexa Skill listeners? 

Read on to learn more.

Why Alexa Skills are a great way to grow your business

First things first: What are Alexa Skills and why are they great for your business? Alexa Skills are voice capabilities that people can download to their Alexa voice devices. This capability could be anything from playing a game to asking Alexa about the weather. 

Skills are great for your business because they’re so engaging. After all, you’re in people’s homes every day. Particularly, Alexa Flash Briefings, a specific type of Alexa Skills, are some of the best ways to reach your customers. With Alexa Flash Briefings, your listeners subscribe to your content and get it delivered to them every day. 

Plus, because Alexa Skill marketing is still such a new thing, you have a clear first mover’s advantage. You can interact with your customers in totally new ways (something your competition probably isn’t doing) and help them move closer to a sale.

However, one of the big problems with all Alexa Skills is findability. First of all, users have to be aware of your Skill. Then they have to remember the name when they’re using their voice device.

With Flash Briefings at least the second problem is not present. Once activated, your new users listen to your audio content every day. However, the problem remains that they first have to find your Flash Briefing. Fortunately, there are simple strategies you can use to increase visibility and gain an advantage over other providers. That’s what we’ll look at next.

Optimize your Alexa Skill to get more listeners

To promote your Alexa Skill, the first step you need to take is to optimize your Skills (your Skill name, description, and icon) to get more listeners to find and become interested in your content. How do you do it? Here’s how!

Use an easy-to-remember skill name and invocation name

The first step to take is to create a name that’s easy to remember. This helps people use your Skill on Alexa.

Again, Flash Briefings come with an advantage: Once your listeners have decided to subscribe to your Flash Briefing, it will be automatically played when they listen to their daily Flash Briefings. So your audience doesn’t have to remember the name of your Flash Briefing to listen to it every day. But you do want to make sure you use a name that makes it easy for new users to find your Briefings.

You see, most people don’t search for people or brands, but for topics. Instead of calling your Skill “Mike’s Flash Briefing,” use something relevant to your industry (for example, “Daily Real Estate Market Roundup”). 

By adding your name in the description and saying it in every episode of your Flash Briefing, people will understand it’s your brand. 

Alexa Skill name

Write a great description 

Your Skills, Flash Briefings included, need to have clear, value-rich descriptions so that you get people interested. Plus, by using keywords, you make your descriptions searchable on Amazon and Google. 

Even though Amazon doesn’t provide information on what users are looking for, you can find this information by searching for relevant words on Amazon and checking the suggestions you get or checking keywords in Google Keyword Planner

For more tips on how to optimize your Amazon Skill SEO, read our guide here.  

Amazon Alexa keywords

Use a visible Skill icon

Last, use a clear, visible icon that stands out. This way, users will notice your Skill in their feeds. For example, this Flash Briefing Skill icon by Nutrition Nerd is a great example of a visible icon. It immediately shows what the Flash Briefing is about and that way, it stands out among all other Briefings. 

Alexa Nutrition Nerd Skill

Promote your Alexa Skill with these simple strategies

The next step to get your Skill out there is to promote it. After all, when you’re first starting out and growing your audience, you will need to hustle a bit to get your Skill name out there. With these strategies, you’ll quickly start to build an engaged audience. 

1. Create a special landing page for your Alexa Skill

Of course, listeners are not only looking for exciting content on Amazon but also on Google and other search engines. In order to be well-positioned, you should create your own Alexa Skill subpage on your website so that people have an easier way of finding it.

Let’s say you’re promoting your newly created Flash Briefing. Your page URL should ideally have both the name of your Flash Briefing and the addition “alexa-flash-briefing”. Plus, you’ll want to optimize your page by including a relevant keyword. For example, a news Flash Briefing would include a keyword like “News Flash Briefing” to make sure that people looking for news find that Briefing.

That way, your landing page will improve its visibility on search engines like Google, which will help them find your Skill. 

Plus, by adding a link from the landing page to your Flash Briefing Skill page on Amazon, you’re improving the SEO of your Amazon page. 

2. Insert your invocation name in your newsletter and email footer

Do you know that users can enable a Flash Briefing with a simple voice command? You should take advantage of this and include this command prominently in your newsletter and email footer. You will be surprised by how many people try out these commands. “Alexa, enable Daily Real Estate Roundup” is quickly said by the user and you immediately have a new listener.

3. Share your Skills on social media

To reach even more loyal listeners, you can also share each episode as an audiogram (also known as shortcast) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

An easy way to do this is to use our Flash Briefing content management system, Flashtalk. With one click, you can create these short videos and post them on your social media. This function is still in testing mode, but we’d love to have you as our tester. Let us know if you’re interested! 

Shortcast example

4. Send an email to your newsletter

Another way to promote your Alexa Skill is to share it with your email subscribers. Not just once- instead, you’ll want to keep reminding your subscribers of your Flash Briefing in your upcoming newsletters. In your emails, don’t just tell people to check them out, but instead, tell them why they should do it. 

5. Include it on your business card

You know how you meet new people at events and conferences? These are perfect places to spread the word about your Alexa Skills. Include the invocation name on your business card or even a URL or QR code to your Flash Briefing page. 

6. Tell people about your Skill on your website

Besides creating a landing page on your website, you can use it in other ways to promote your Alexa Skill. For example, tease your Alexa Skill in your content and link to your Alexa Skill page. Create opt-in popups to get people to sign up for your newsletter. Once they’ve signed up, you can redirect them to a landing page where you link to your Alexa Skill page. 

Here’s how marketing expert Jen Lehner uses her website popups to get people to subscribe to her Flash Briefing:

Jen Lehner Flash Briefing

7. Mention your Alexa Skill in the media

Whenever you get a media opportunity, like a podcast interview or guest post opportunity, mention your Alexa Skill. This way, people will start recognizing the name and ultimately, using it on their Alexa devices. 

8. Promote your Skill in online forums

Another great way to promote your Alexa Skill is to mention it in online forums. Think about it: There are thousands of niche-specific forums out there and they’re full of people who would be interested in your Skill. If you can’t find any other forums, there’s always Reddit and Facebook groups. 

Reddit Flash Briefing

Now, you will need to first give value to these groups. Help people by answering their questions and start interesting conversations. When you’ve given enough value (you’ve answered at least 10 questions and started 5 conversations), you can start mentioning your Skill in relevant discussions or even creating a value-based post about how people can use it.

9. Ask others to share it

A simple way to get more listeners is to ask other people to share your Skill. You can start with friends and family. Later on, you can partner up with people who have similar audiences, but who aren’t offering exactly the same thing. That way, you can promote each other’s Skills and quickly grow your audiences. 

10. Write content about your Skill topic

Finally, you can promote your Skill by writing content about the topic you cover in your Skill. In the content, you then mention your Skill and encourage people to subscribe.

A great way to quickly get your content out there? Use content curation platforms like Quuu and Viral Content Bee. These are platforms that promote your content to people who can choose to share them. Thanks to this, you can quickly get traffic to your content and that way, signups.

Want to get started today? 

With these tips on how to promote your Alexa Skill, you can significantly increase your visibility and slowly but surely attract a growing audience for your content. And the best thing is this: Once you have won a listener, your Flash Briefing will almost never be switched off again. Your Briefing will quickly become a routine for them. In the end, this means more customers for your business.

Want to get started today and reach more customers with your Alexa Flash Briefings? Get started using Flashtalk for free!