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Can I use Flashtalk with my existing Skill?

Yes, you can use Flashtalk to maintain your content and providing it to your existing skill through a dedicated feed url. The only thing you need to do is, to replace the feed URL inside your developer account on Amazon.

How can I test my Flash Briefing skill on Alexa before submitting it to the store?

Once you uploaded your skill to Amazon (without submitting) it is accessable for you inside your Alexa app. Just activate it and test it live on your own Alexa device. No one else has access to it at that point.

I've hosted my audio files somewhere else. Do I have to upload them again?

No. You can either upload your audio files to Flashtalk or just submit an URL to your audio file. It is up to you.

What do I need to publish a skill on Amazon?

In order to publish a sill on Amazon you need content and some basic information such as description or a logo for your skill. You can upload and maintain all necessary information inside Flashtalk.

How do I know when my Flash Briefing skill is live?

After you submitted your skill through Flashtalk and it was approved by Amazon you get an email from Amazon. You can also review the status inside Flashtalk.

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