Become a partner and get 20% in recurring commissions.

Introduce Flashtalk and get rewarded for every paid customer. As long as they are a paying customers of Flashtalk, you'll get paid every month as well!

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How does it work?

Easily sign up, get your personal referal link to share with your followers, friends or clients. Every successfully referred paid customer will appear in your personal dashboard together with all your payments.

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    Sign up for our affiliate program

    You can sign up for the affiliate program through our partner Salescamp. We are using a trusted third party to track and manage all referrals as well as your payments.

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    Tell people about Flashtalk

    You get your personal referral URL wich you can share on your blog, social media or use in your email communication.

  3. 3

    Get rewarded for every paid customer

    For every user who signed up with a paid plan you get 20% commission. That means: Monthly revenue for you as long as this user is a paid customer of Flashtalk!

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    Watch your payments inside your own dashboard

    You have access to a personal dashboard showing how many people you successfully referred to Flashtalk as well as how much money you earned so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

All of our partners are paid directly to their bank account, no exceptions. The payment is scheduled on the 10th every month for the last months revenue.

How does the recurring commissions work?

With Flashtalk’s Affiliate Program, you get paid every single time a customer you recommended pays for any of the paid plans. If you sign up one customer and that customer pays $100 every month to Flashtalk, you’ll get $20 every month. So, it’s literally 20% of everything that the people that signed up through you (as an affiliate) pay to Flashtalk, forever. How cool is that?

I don’t have a website, can I sign up?

Yes, you can! We won’t exclude anyone. As long as you have the desire to help uns grow together and refer new people to use Flashtalk we will be more than happy to have you on board.

How do I sign up people?

You will be provided with a personal referral link that you can use anywhere on the internet. Whoever clicks that link and signs up with Flashtalk on a paid plan will be one of your refered customers.

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